July 22, 2016

World Politics and Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) has seeped its way into the realm of world politics. What used to be an effective strategy for start-up businesses to reach different markets and audience age groups has now evolved into a powerful reputation-builder and campaign machinery for politicians with limited resources or inexperienced supporters.World Politics and SEO

Politicians the world over have joined the digital marketing bandwagon, using all manners of social media, video ads, blogs, special websites and sharing apps to further their political goals and aspirations. Some would tap a competent search engine optimization company to make them more visible online. Even government offices have started optimizing their sites for better search engine rankings.

The Goals of SEO

Many businesses and individuals prefer a search engine optimization company that can help them in the following areas:

  1. Cost-Efficient Marketing. SEO is a great marketing tool. It does not involve a huge capital. In fact, you have the discretion to not spend anything at all. What you need is the right amount of knowledge. Knowing what to do and how, when and where to use SEO can give you an edge over competitors. For this reason alone, it is not altogether surprising for SEO to find its way into world politics. Candidates and government officials need an effective but inexpensive way to reach out to citizens from all stations in life. SEO has proved beneficial in this aspect.
  2. Reputation-Building and Management. Since SEO involves a great deal of content creation and information dissemination, it helps spread the word to as many Internet users as possible within a short time frame. You can even become an online sensation if your chosen search engine optimization company adopts the right strategies. Online reputation is best managed through customized SEO services. According to this search engine optimization company, SEO services should be “custom tailored for each campaign so that… clients can maximize their marketing budget and increase productivity.” Building an online reputation through SEO is all about striking a balance between your marketing budget and reaching your target audience as deep as you can.
  3. Social Influence. After the optimization campaign successfully establishes your reputation, the next step is to convince people to “buy” or at least take an interest in your product or service. For politicians across the globe, the goal is the same but in a different way. Their challenge is either to convince people that they are the right candidate for a particular position or, in the case of elected officials and public servants, that they are really doing their job in the name of public service. In other words, an effective political SEO campaign should not only increase reputation and online visibility but must also be strong enough to convert people’s ideologies. Social influence, a situation characterized by allegiance and steadfast support, is an indicator that a search engine optimization company has succeeded where others have not and that a product, service or persona is now a well-recognized brand.

World Politics and Social Media

Political aspirants like Hillary Clinton and outgoing United States President Barack Obama are frequent social media users. They have increased their popularity thanks to a youthful marketing team that strongly advocates the use of Twitter, blogs and other social media platforms. Democrats may be technology-savvy but the Republican bet, Donald Trump, is not far behind either. His Twitter following is a whopping 9 million plus while Hillary only has more than 7 million followers. If Twitter following alone would be enough to win an election, then Trump has an edge over his political rival.

Politics and Social mediaHowever, there is more to running an online campaign than having a large social media presence.

Google has triumphantly predicted numerous outcomes over the last few years thanks to Google Trends. From likely election winners to voting decisions on important national issues, Google’s ability to pick up trends based on keyword search frequency and user interaction has been accurate most of the time. The hashtag #Brexit has been trending for a number of months now. True enough, Brexit did happen and Google could not have been more accurate. If you go to the local Google search engine of each country that is about to hold an election, you would be surprised to know that the candidate who trends the most usually wins the election.

Did we not mention that Xi Jinping has a Weibo account (China’s version of Twitter) and even the Russian government has put up an official Twitter channel for Vladimir Putin? These leaders sure know how to use social media to their advantage.

The impact Twitter and Google have on the sentiments and sensibilities of Internet users means that search engine optimization is an indispensable strategy for achieving political goals or improving the face of politics. Social media, after all, is just part and parcel of the bigger picture that is SEO.

June 27, 2016

Top World News of the First 2 Quarters of 2016

The world is a crazy place. If you’re living in a rock lately, here’s the top world political news that you may have missed:

The probability of Grexit is still looming.

Since 2010, there are speculations that Greece will leave the Eurozone Monetary Union due to public debt. This was a huge controversy then and the controversial exit is referred to as “Grexit” by top economists in Europe.

Two days after the election in the Greek parliament, the leader of the Coalition of the Radical left, Alexis Tsipras, formed a new government in January 2015. The government has been aggressive in handling the government debt crisis. Since then, the chance of Grexit is widely discussed in the economic and finance circles in Greece and Europe.

United Kingdom is also more likely to leave the European Union.

United Kingdom is also more likely to leave the European Union.Greece is not the only one leaving the European Union. The powerful empire of Britain is also set to leave the European Union because of the industrial unrest caused by economic problems in Europe, terrorist attacks, and the refugee crisis. UK is worried about the influx of immigration. About 500 people are added to the UK’s population every day. European Union citizens are free to live in any country with the union. So, the only way to block the influx of people in Britain is to leave the EU. The current prime minister of the UK, David Cameron, negotiated the terms of the UK’s membership in the Union including the right to restrict migrants.

On a National Referendum on June 23, 2016, the British people will vote to decide whether or not Britain will finally leave the European Union for good. According to Economists, Brexit will lead to a decade of financial uncertainty in Europe. We think Brexit is going to affect a lot of people in Europe, but more and more English people are in favor of it.

A 19 year old man attempted to kill Donald Trump in a political campaign rally in Nevada.

Donald Trump is the most unpopular presidential candidate in the United States. According to the delegate results as of June 20th, Hilary Clinton is most likely the democratic presidential candidate. However, Donald Trump is still in the headlines. On June 20th, a 19 year old man named Michael Sandford, traveled from California to Nevada just to assassinate Mr. Trump. Sandford was arrested later on and the campaign rally continued.

Hilary Clinton is in the process of choosing a vice presidential candidate.

As mentioned earlier, former First Lady Hilary Clinton is most likely the democratic candidate. So, she’s now screening possible vice presidential candidates, including:

  • Tim Kane – Tim Kane is a former Virginia senator and he may lure Donald Trump’s target voters. Kane is a safe choice because he has a working class background and he used to run a school in Honduras. He’s fluent in Spanish, too.
  • Sherrod Brown – Brown is the current Ohio senator and can possibly capture Sander’s base.
  • Julian Castro – Castro is known as the rising Latino political star. He is the youngest member of Obama’s cabinet and he served as the mayor of San Antonio for a couple of years. His twin brother is also a well-known United States congressman.
  • Elizabeth Warren – Elizabeth Warren has a cult-like following. Warren is a former Harvard bankruptcy expert. She is also Clinton’s weapon against Trump and she also has the power to capture Sander’s supporters.
  • Cory Booker – This New Jersey senator is a Democratic party superstar. He is charismatic and tough at the same time.

Who will be Hilary Clinton’s choice? We don’t know. But, Clinton is definitely going to choose the candidate that will bring her more votes.

Philippines elected a radical new President last May 7, 2016.

The Philippines has elected a new president – Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte is considered as the “wild card” in the pack of more prominent and established world leaders. Duterte is dubbed by Time Magazine as “The Punisher” and has served as mayor of Davao City for about 22 years. Davao City was once known as “The Nicaragua of Asia” in the 1980s because it’s dirty and has high crime rates. Duterte cleaned up the city. He allegedly resorted to extrajudicial killings to control the city’s crime rate. He has a foul mouth and he’s not a member of the elite society in the Philippines. His election victory definitely raised a lot of eyebrows in the international political circles.